Superlink Travels led to success through the leadership of
Rodney Koelmeyer

Chairman / Managing Director
President IATA Agents Association of Sri Lanka – 2011

Mr. Rodney Koelmeyer
set himself the task of achieving a goal that would give him the satisfaction of an expressly creative capability while at the same time rendering a service. His overview to life is profitability with goodwill, resulting in job satisfaction and social achievement.

Superlink Travels (Pvt) Ltd became the expressive outlet for Rodney’s thinking. As its Chairman/Managing Director, he became the first ever to establish and forge ahead with meeting the challenges of organizing pilgrimages and package tours in such a wide and varied fashion with destinations around the globe, which he has met with tremendous and overwhelming success.

In brief, he commenced outbound tour operations in 1983 to give the golden opportunity to our very own Sri Lankans for traveling, sightseeing, gaining a wide expansion of knowledge, the state of-the art technology and a wealth of experiences of the outside world, in the form of ‘Pilgrimages’ and ‘Package’ tours. These tours were scheduled and arranged so meticulously with personalized services and the best of attention to a clientele that came to describe Rodney Koelmeyer and synonymously his Company as the ‘Best in the World’ for such organized tours. Reaching a target of moving over thousands of Pilgrims/Holiday Makers and an even higher percentage of clients on pilgrimages and package tours in a short period of time was encouraging.

With perseverance Superlink Travels became a household name with publicity given by the clientele themselves for services ‘par-excellence’. Sri Lankans and other nationalities came to Rodney Koelmeyer at Superlink Travels in their numbers to travel as well as join Pilgrimages and Package Tours with a choice of destinations.

Very proudly Rodney Koelmeyer earned the title of being the first and only Travel Personality to win the Gold Award at the Entrepreneur of the year in 1997 conducted by the Federation of Chambers of Commerce and Industry of Sri Lanka (FCCISL).

Mr. Rodney Koelmeyer was the first and only Travel Personality to win ‘The Outstanding Young Persons Award’ (TOYP) in the year 1998 for ‘Business Accomplishment’

He had the prestige’s honour to be the first and only travel personality in Sri Lanka to receive an ‘International Award of Excellence ‘ from the State of Israel amidst distinguished personnel and a dinner hosted specially for the occasion.

Mr. Rodney Koelmeyer was also the President of IATA Agents Association of Sri Lanka.

Superlink Travels under the personal leadership of Rodney Koelmeyer goes on record in the history of Sri Lanka as the First Ever Travel Agent in Sri Lanka to be judged the winner of the ‘Performance Award’ by an International Airline and in addition the ‘Best Outbound Tour Operator in Sri Lanka’ which no other Travel Agent in Sri Lanka has received.

Rodney Koelmeyer, is the only Travel Personality to had the honour of a private audience with His Holiness Pope John Paul II in 1999 and His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI in 2012.